Re: [minutes] Internationalization telecon 2013-08-22

--On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 15:39 +0900 "\"Martin J.
Dürst\"" <> wrote:

> Hello John,
> In the minutes of the Internationalization telecon 2013-08-22,
> I found:
> On 2013/09/06 18:41, Richard Ishida wrote:
>> Info Share
>> JcK: IDNA "firestorm"
> Can you shortly say what that refers to? I didn't find any
> hints in any of the references that followed it (see below).


Sorry for the delay in replying.  I note that Addison has
already done so, but to supplement wrt the bit above, I believe
I was referring to the many messages in multiple lists and
threads generated in response to Anne's suggestion about
standardizing on IDNA2003 possibly plus unspecified
interpretations about what to do about subsequent versions of
Unicode.  While I don't completely remember all of the
discussion, I believe the "firestorm" comment was about the
traffic level and number of comments, not their substance.


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