[counter-styles] i18n-ISSUE-282: Problems with Ethiopic-numeric algorithm

Raised by:
     Richard Ishida

Opened on:

     7.2 Ethiopic Numeric Counter Style: ethiopic-numeric

     - In the Nov 2002 version of the Lists module, step 5 did not have 
the text "that did not have its digits removed in the third step". 
Addition of that text causes the algorithm to fail to produce the simple 
example of 100. Removal of that text seems appropriate.

     - In step 3, "then remove the digit" should really say "then remove 
the digits" (ie both digits). Otherwise it takes a while for the reader 
to be sure they understand the actual meaning.

     - Step 6 says "except the group with number 0". Since all such 
groups had their digits removed in step 3, I think it should say rather: 
"except the groups where the digits were removed in step 3"

     - I was able to replicate the example 78010092 by following the 
algorithm, but not able to replicate the example 780000001092 - i think 
the ethiopic given for the latter example is actually for the decimal 
number 780100000092.

     (I implemented the algorithm as best i could understand it with the 
change to step 5 at http://rishida.net/tools/numberconverter/. This 
might help to work thing through. The logic is in the js file.)

Received on Tuesday, 20 August 2013 18:22:38 UTC