[counter-styles] i18n-ISSUE-281: Problems with example 12

Raised by:
     Richard Ishida

7.1 Longhand East Asian Counter Styles
Example 12

The examples of japanese-informal for 10, 11, 100, and 101 are incorrect 
- there should be no δΈ€ (digit one) on the left.

Same for the hanja-informal.

The hanja-informal also uses the wrong symbol for zero (should be the 
han character rather than the hangul character.)

I also suggest that you include a column for 6001. This shows a 
difference between simplified and traditional chinese, and shows how the 
zeros collapse in the chinese methods.

You can see (what I think are) the expected results at 

Received on Tuesday, 20 August 2013 18:20:30 UTC