Re: Proposal: Locale Preferences API

Hi John,

On 28/07/2013 4:53 PM, "John Cowan" <> wrote:
> Andrew Cunningham scripsit:
> > Some languages use more that on script which would need to be
> > if the language entry in IANA registry doesn't have a suppress-script
> > (which interestingly is how windows8 has started to implement languages
> > don't you love undocumented features)
> Scripts never *have* to be identified; that's a matter of what's
> to a given situation.  For bibliographic purposes you want them to be,
> so you don't send (say) a book in the Arabic script to someone who can't
> read the Arabic script.  We added Suppress-Script: only where we were 100%
> sure that it belonged, and sometimes we omitted it even when we were sure.

I am aware of that ... but in the above context I was discussing aspects of
Windows 8, rather than BCP47 explicitly ...

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