Re: IDN problem.... :(

Chris Lilley wrote:

> Personally I feel that the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets have not proved
> their worth and we should go back to using Greek and Etruscan scripts.

This approach, while charming, leads in precisely the wrong direction.
Note that the whole problem occurs when perfectly distinct code points 
are converted into a mess of antiquated glyphs.  If people learnt to 
read hexidecimal or binary expansions of unicode, these kind of attacks 
will disappear, along with a vast range of formatting problems.

A coordinated international education effort could rid the world of 
character set issues, just as vaccination got rid of smallpox.


U+0064 U+006F U+0075 U+0067 U+006C U+0061 U+0073 U+0020 U+0062 U+0061 
U+0067 U+006E U+0061 U+006C U+006C

Received on Wednesday, 16 February 2005 20:32:00 UTC