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>Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
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> > This is btw. offtopic here, I suggest to reply to either the spec-prod
> > or the w3c-translators mailing list.
>thanks. i'm aware of both mentioned mailinglist. i posted to intl-list
>because i believe it _is_ an issue of internationalization. of course my
>question is not a technical question as - for example - character

I think Bjoern is right that this topic would best be discussed on While there is some relationship to the
topics on, it's better to discuss the
topic on the list most suited to it. I have therefore cross-posted
to it; please put followups only on
For people on, please have a look at
the previous postings in this thread starting at

>in our german translation project we finished a number of translations
>in the past weeks. i had to contact at least five w3c team members to
>give them the information about a new translation (a list of german
>translations is maintained at the german w3c office; for each spec (or
>WG) another person is responsible for a list of translations of this
>particular spec (or WG)). btw: still not all of the available
>translations are listed at the appropriate places (haven't checked
>recently); i'm giving up...

Please don't give up! Everybody is busy, nobody is perfect in
answering all their email.

>a centralized approach would ease the job. one single list of
>translations (or maybe one for each foreign language) in a simple
>xml-format to attach some metadata (which spec, which language and so
>on). it would be quite easy to produce a list of translations for any
>foreign language.

One of my long-term plans is to move translations from the current
mail-based notification system to a Web forms based system, which
would make it much easier to maintain the data and produce pages
by spec and by language. One of the preconditions of such a system,
namely to have a database of W3C Tech Reports, is in the works now,
so I might give it a try sometime. Such a system would clearly
improve the situation, but it's quite some work to set it up.
(if anybody wants to help, please tell me)

>furthermore this list could be used when displaying a
>spec: the Accept-Language header field is evaluated, the translations
>list is checked for a corresponding translation and the spec will be
>delivered to the client with the note "a translation in your language is
>that's all and it _is_ possible. no need to touch a spec.

It definitely would be possible technically, but it would
mean that the publication policy of W3C (which Bjoern explained)
is changed quite a bit.

Also, please note that in HTTP, there is functionality (Vary
headers,...) that would allow this data to be sent separate
from the actual document. However, one would then need a browser
that picks up that information. Also, we would need to hack
the server, so that it sends the English version even when
asked for the German one. [now this paragraph is actually
a topic that's appropriate for www-international]

Regards,    Martin.

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