Re: Accept-Language and W3C-Translations

thanks for your comments, björn.

Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
> This is btw. offtopic here, I suggest to reply to either the spec-prod
> or the w3c-translators mailing list.

thanks. i'm aware of both mentioned mailinglist. i posted to intl-list
because i believe it _is_ an issue of internationalization. of course my
question is not a technical question as - for example - character

but if w3c is developing i18n techniques, it should (in my opinion)
furthermore try to reach as many people around the world as possible and
as good as possible; the latter is very much influenced by the language
in which a w3c text is available.

_therefore_ i think this list is the right one. 

if i'm wrong, please let me know!

> You are free to publish an annotated version of the original document
> that incorporates such a note but it is not possible to include it in
> the specification itself, since you need to update the specification
> each time translation status changes.

i wasn't talking about _how_ to do it, and i think it's too early to
discuss this. but i think "not possible" is wrong. each spec is rendered
in a specific way. there are some stylesheets involved who add text and
graphics (i.e. logos). some specs are rendered from xml-sources by
so, what we see is not _the_ spec, is it? we see a particular view on
the spec. 

if it would be true what you say, we wouldn't be able to include the
current date+time in a web page; but we are. of course can we include
dynamic content in a static rendering of a web page. 

and a list of translations is already maintained. right now the
information about a translation is maintained at different places by
different people.

in our german translation project we finished a number of translations
in the past weeks. i had to contact at least five w3c team members to
give them the information about a new translation (a list of german
translations is maintained at the german w3c office; for each spec (or
WG) another person is responsible for a list of translations of this
particular spec (or WG)). btw: still not all of the available
translations are listed at the appropriate places (haven't checked
recently); i'm giving up...

a centralized approach would ease the job. one single list of
translations (or maybe one for each foreign language) in a simple
xml-format to attach some metadata (which spec, which language and so
on). it would be quite easy to produce a list of translations for any
foreign language. furthermore this list could be used when displaying a
spec: the Accept-Language header field is evaluated, the translations
list is checked for a corresponding translation and the spec will be
delivered to the client with the note "a translation in your language is
that's all and it _is_ possible. no need to touch a spec.

bye, stefan


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