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Re: Language label

From: Misha Wolf <misha.wolf@reuters.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 17:56:58 +0000 (GMT)
To: www-international <www-international@w3.org>, Unicode Discussion <unicode@unicode.org>
Message-Id: <2358561727021997/A45498/REDMS1/11B2DC783A00*@MHS>
Jonas Brandel wrote (to the www-international list):

>Possibly a stupid comment, but shouldn't they both be allowed. 
>> <HTML LANG=...> to enable language tagging of the HTML 
>and <META HTTP-EQUIV...> to *fake* the HTTP header?!

It's not a stupid comment.  They are both allowed.  The question being 
discussed is how the server should discover the primary language of an HTML 
document, in order to put this information in the HTTP header.

For a reason I haven't yet understood, Tomas considers that the server should 
take this information from inside the HTML document.  Others, including me, 
suggest that this information belongs outside the document, eg in the file 


That is what has to be done for other files, such as images, eg:


I don't understand why HTML files should be treated differently.

Tomas, please explain.

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