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[QA Review] CharMod for the Web 1.0: Normalization WD 25 February 2004

A string is a sequence of characters

APIs vs. physical string representations

Arguments vs. return types

Avoid inline conformance criteria

Background color of images

C036 and C033 are duplicates and too obvious

Clarify "character technology misuse"

Clarify "legacy encoding"

Clarify C034 in case of heuristics

Comments on section 7

Conformance vs. non-conformance

Define "mandate"

Editorial suggestions

Improved text for C047

New Tutorial: Character sets & encodings in XHTML, HTML and CSS

Specs must require specs to conform

Strike C019

Testability again (was: [QA Review] CharMod for the Web 1.0: Fundamentals WD 25 Feb 2004)

Use uppercase hhhh

Using "charset" should be prohibed

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