Re: xslt problem with ie5.5

* Barak Ulmann wrote:

Please note that says:

  www-html is a public mailing list intended to be used for technical
  discussion among those interested in enhancing the Hypertext Markup
  Language (HTML) or building systems that support HTML.

A better place to discuss XSLT would be

and a better place to discuss XSLT support in Microsoft products would

>I'm trying to rewrite a stylesheet that worked proparly with IE6 to IE5.5.

Internet Explorer 5.5 ships with MSXML 2.6 which does not support XSLT
1.0; upgrading to MSXML 3.0 on that system would help. Otherwise you
probably need to rewrite the stylesheet using the
"" namespace. You will find relevant material
on the MSDN web site, see

However, I rather recommend to upgrade MSXML or transform your documents
before sending them to IE 5.5.

Received on Wednesday, 31 December 2003 20:46:24 UTC