Re: XHTML 2.0: Suggestion for <addr/> and <blockaddr/> to replace <address/> wrote:

> ...the usual confusion is between
> - Semantics
> - Structure
> - Presentation
> Structure and Presentation are very difficult to distinguish and it 
> seems sometimes overkilling to have two tags for the same semantics 
> when only the structure has changed.

  Yes, I agree, but, unfortunately, it's necessary to maintain structure.

> ...Though come the difficulty to understand what is structure and what 
> is semantics. A list is a structure or semantics. It depends on who's 
> looking at it. 

IMO, a list has semantics applied to a structure, as are tables, 
paragraphs, sections, etc...

> You could achieve the same presentation and the same meaning with:

But not Structure!

> Example 1 (not valid now)
> ==========
> <p>If you need more information write to: <address>Acme Inc. 42, Main 
> Street, Douglas City</address>.</p>
> ==========
> ...
> Example 2
> ==========
> <p>If you need more information write to:</p>
> <address>Acme Inc. 42, Main Street, Douglas City</address>
> ==========

  I agree with you in principle because it would be nice to have only 
one element for each semantic, however, because the structure cannot be 
enforced using this, we are forced to split the element into two 
structurally separate elements, even though the semantics are the same 
and presentation is essentially irrelevant.

  We already have this occurring with <blockcode>/<code> and 
<blockquote>/<quote>, so any argument for or against having two seperate 
elements for <address> also applies to those.  So, I think, for 
consistency with the other elements and for the structure, we should 
have the two separate elements.


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