XHTML 2.0 Drafting Process - Duration and Coordination

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Beth Epperson,

+AFs-1st+AF0- may I ask for the date, XHTML 2.0 is intended to become a
Recomondation. Drafting is lasting already more than a dozen of

+AFs-2nd+AF0- Furthermore I ask my self whether the Browser Manufacturers -
especially Microsoft - are well embedded in this process. I think no
one needs an other +ACI-academic HTML version+ACI- and there have been enough
not or not well interpreted elements and self-made ones in the past.

+AFs-3rd+AF0- As far as I can see future Browsers will have to interprete both
(HTML 4 and HTML 2) till eternity, because there will be no sense or
resources for the effort converting existing HTML content. Do you

Thanks a lot in advance for an authoritive answer.

B. Hartung, Dresden University, Germany

Received on Friday, 5 December 2003 18:10:08 UTC