backwards compatibility solution (was: vague thing about grid tag)

--[if you have structured your document well with XHTML, and used other
appropriate markup such as SVG or MathML and provided substitutes, it
shouldn't matter that a UA doesn't support the latest technologies.]--

OK, now I think we are thinking in the same direction.  All I need is a way
of providing such substitutes that doesn't mean spending ages painstakingly
generating images.

How about...  I write a script that takes my non-downcoded XHTML+SVG+MathML,
detects the pieces of SVG and MathML inside it, then makes those into
separate files, calls Amaya on each one (assuming it can take a URI as a
commandline parameter), then screenshots the relevant piece of the window,
removes white padding, saves as PNGs and finally inserts <img ...> tags and
substitute logic into a modified version of the original file, which is then

Or is there a program to do that already?  (XML2PNG would be nice!)


Received on Friday, 5 December 2003 16:07:51 UTC