Re: vague thought - grid tag

On 4 Dec 2003, at 15:41, Stephen Brooks wrote:
> I've noticed while writing webpages that the table element gets used 
> in two
> ways: sometimes it really _is_ a table of data (so thead, tbody, etc. 
> are
> relevant) but at other times it is used as a layout device.  I'm going 
> to
> field the idea of grid, gr, gd tags, which are used specifically for 
> gridded
> layout.

Being the grid, a grid row, and grid data cell?

I haven't been following the development of XHTML 2.0 too closely - but 
its my understanding that tags for presentation are a no-no.

This is a job for CSS, possibly something like:

html { display: table; }
html > body { display: table-row; }
html > body > section { display: table-cell; }

David Dorward

Received on Thursday, 4 December 2003 10:56:10 UTC