vague thought - grid tag

I've noticed while writing webpages that the table element gets used in two
ways: sometimes it really _is_ a table of data (so thead, tbody, etc. are
relevant) but at other times it is used as a layout device.  I'm going to
field the idea of grid, gr, gd tags, which are used specifically for gridded
layout.  These would have defaults of zero margins, no padding and zero
cellspacing, as opposed to the table, tr, td which could have defaults with
a bit of padding and maybe light borders to show where the cells are (as
they do in some browsers), since these would make tabulated data clearer but
would interfere with a purely layout structure.  Also "grid" would be more
suitable to nest inside another grid or table (for subdivisions of cells),
whereas "proper" tables aren't really meant to be nested (as that is rather

Probably a bit of a redundant idea, but sometimes when reading HTML the lack
of distinction between these uses becomes annoying.  I'd like to hear any
thoughts people have on this.


<ps>good work on the h, section and nl tags!  Now I just have to wait
impatiently for all the browsers to support them... sigh...</ps>

Received on Thursday, 4 December 2003 10:43:11 UTC