Re: Subheadings desired in XHTML 2.0

John Anthony Lewis wrote to <> on 9 November 2002 in "Re:
Subheadings desired in XHTML 2.0"

> If I was to try to break down the meaning of subheading I would end up
> with something like "a heading of something that has a heading." Is
> that what you mean by subheading?

I really dropped the ball by not defining my intent.  When I wrote
"subheading, I meant a supplementary heading that applies to the same
passage as a certain main heading.  Let's take real examples [1, 2]:

Heading: "A Full Partner"
Subheading: "Kendel Ehrlich Again Takes New Role"

Heading: "D.C. Campaign Aide Interviewed by FBI"
Subheading: "Williams Petition Worker Saw Forgeries"

The important thing to bear in mind is that the subheading (or whatever we
choose to call it) applies to the entire article, not some section thereof.

I agree that headings for subsections should be 'h' elements in nested
'section' elements.

Again, sorry about the lack of definition and the confusion caused.

[1]  April Witt.
"A Full Partner".
9 November 2002.
The Washington Post, page B1.

[2]  Yolanda Woodlee.
"D.C. Campaign Aide Interviewed by FBI".
9 November 2002.
The Washington Post, page B1.

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