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> Etan Wexler <>:
> > How does XHTML 2.0 deal with subheadings?  How should XHTML deal
> > with subheadings?
> You should have given an example, to avoid misunderstandings.

>   The Lord of the Rings 2   <-- heading (Foo)
>     - The Two Towers -      <-- subheading (Bar)
>         by J.R.R. Tolkien   <-- ?

Currently I'd probably put the subheadings in <div>'s after the <hX>,
unless the heading made sense as one long line without style, in which
case I'd probably use <span>'s inside the <hX>.  Shame you can't nest
<div>'s inside <hX>'s :)

In the current incarnation of XHTML 2 I'd be tempted to do something

  <h>The Lord of the Rings 2
     <line>- The Two Towers -</line>
     <line>by J.R.R. Tolkien</line></h>

"The line element represents a sub-paragraph" - using it to denote
subheadings inside a <h> would seem to make sense in that context.

> > <h>Foo
> >    <sh>Bar</sh></h>
> >
> > <h>Foo
> >    <h>Bar</h></h>
>   <h><h>Foo</h>Bar</h>,
> because Foo is at a higher level than Bar. Just like <em><em> is
> *more* emphasized than a single <em>.

<h> is a block level element, though.  Your example is closer to:


Which in XHTML 2 would be better represented as:


or so.

> Right now (XHTML 1), I'm fine with
>   <hX>Foo <span>Bar</span></hX>

Unfortunately this doesn't seperate the subheading from the heading in
any meaningful way -- without style it becomes much less obvious what
Bar is.  At least with using div's the default rendering will tend to
make it reasonably obvious from context.

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