Re: Target, or opening a new instance of UA with a link

* Peter Sheerin ( wrote:

> I understand why some people hate multiple windows poping up, but there are
> cases where I think it improves the user experience. Take a look at
>, for example. If I'm reading his blog and come across a link
> that I want to visit, i *like* the fact that his links open in a separate
> window, allowing me to explore those sites in detail, and then easily return
> to his blog when I'm ready.

Why should he decide that?  It's MY browser and it's MY environment,
hence up to ME to open a new window;  I open tonnes of new window in the
background in Opera and don't need or want someone else to do it for me.

Forcing open new windows actually reduces my options; normally to open a
new window I Shift Click if I want to see it right now or just Ctrl
Shift Click if I want to read it later, or just click if I'm no longer
interested in the parent document.  Apparantly Mr Zeldman doesn't think
I'll ever get tired of his site; in order to get rid of it I have to
close the window or explicitly tell my client to change it.

Until you can do :link { target: new; } or something, and I can do :link
{ target: self !important; }, I won't thank anyone for opening new
windows for me.

I suppose I could always do a[target="_new"] { display: none; } in
protest ;)

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