Re: Target, or opening a new instance of UA with a link

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002 14:26:06 -0800
"Peter Sheerin" <> wrote:

> I understand why some people hate multiple windows poping up, but there
> are cases where I think it improves the user experience. Take a look at
>, for example. If I'm reading his blog and come across a link
> that I want to visit, i *like* the fact that his links open in a separate
> window, allowing me to explore those sites in detail, and then easily
> return to his blog when I'm ready.

That's why a decent UA will allow you the option of opening with a new
window. On my copy of Opera/Lin the middle mouse button works.

Of course, a decent UA should also let you ignore the target attribute in
the first place, which kind of invalidates this whole debate, but... eh. :)

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