Re: lowercase XML languages

I was on the working group when that decision was made, and although all
discussions within the WG are private, in order to protect proprietry
business interests, I can assure you that this was not a case of the 'Big
Guns' shooting things out.

 As far as I remember there were about a third who coded  in upper, a third
who coded in lower, and about a third who couldn't care less. A decision had
to be made so the Chairman of the group let all that wanted have their say
(and most of the 'reasons' for upper v. lower turned out to be 'religion')
and then took a vote, which lower case won.

FTR I was an upper advocate (for readability) but I have coded in lower,
both html and xml, ever since.


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> On Sun, 24 Feb 2002, Robert Koberg wrote:
> > Why are all the XML languages lowercase?
> xhtml is lowercase.  As someone pointed out, XML can be either.
> > Is this decision arbitrary or are there reasons?
> I was just reading about this somewhere... it was not arbitrary (they had
> to go with one or the other) and there were valid arguments for both.
> I think I remember this source as saying that lowercase had won the day
> in part because of folks who code by hand (like me :-) for whom uppercase
> was going to be a PITA
> I'll check my HTML/XHTML book when I get home and see if I can find more
> of the background.
> TjL

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