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>Has anyone else seen this? ...

I tried but could not reach it by some mystreios reason,

>   "As it happens, out of the 506 w3c members, only eighteen
>   have web sites that validate with the w3c validator as
>   either html or xhtml. 141 members proudly display sites
>   with definite markup errors; a whopping 342 sites couldn't
>   be tested at all because of lacking dtd definitions."

And you are suprised by that? :-)

My view is that most of those who spends time in W3 activities would
not understand the true mening of the word 'valid' even if they had it
tattoed on the front of their noses.

>This is 2002 (not 1994), which makes one wonder whether this
>whole thing isn't just a giant parody of hypocrisy (at best)...

The show as given by W3, yes sure. (TBL's pension insurance :)

In our own reality we have to try out 'valid' combos of marked up info
to get info placed on the www in a form where it can be safely
accessed by any one else, if that happens to be a target for what we
want to do here in the first place.

Implementation errors is what fights accseibility the most, and this
"sickness" that started in Mosaic almost a decade back is still very
obvious from some big vendors. Why they just can not back off and
adhere to some commonly known level of understanding beats me.

Rex .. Moronization: a form of acculturation where people are encouraged
       to anoint themselves with the supposed benefits of a technology
       without understanding the engineering (or lack thereof.)

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