Re: Target, or opening a new instance of UA with a link

Frank Tobin wrote:

>The idea is that, as you slightly hint at, this is presentational issue
>(telling the UA how to act/display).  I'm not sure what advisable
>replacements there are currently available, however.  Javascript might be
>desirable here if you want 'actions' taken upon following a link.
IMO, JS is by far the worst of all options. Not only is JS 
onmouseclick="" even more presentational than a 
target=_blank, it also has major security problems and is much harder to 
separate from other code.

>I personally dislike the target attribute when used to open new windows,
>and am glad it's gone, especially since, quoting you, it's used to "force"
>open a new window (I hate my UA/me being 'forced' to do anything).
Nothing in HTML forces you to anything. It is trivial to ignore the 
target attribute, and Mozilla has a (hidden?) pref to do just that. (But 
it still works with frames, IIRC.)

>decide when I want a window, thank you very much.  Similarly, I'll make
>sure my UA's Javascript is also set to not open new windows (thank you,
>Mozilla, for giving me control).
Mozilla does not actually give you control, and it is very hard to 
implement properly. See <>.

Much unlike target=_blank.

Received on Monday, 25 February 2002 16:20:18 UTC