Re: Target, or opening a new instance of UA with a link

Doug M-C, at 21:45 -0500 on 2002-02-23, wrote:

> I have noticed that the target attribute for <a> is now out of strict
> x/html. That means that there is no way to force a UA to open a link in
> a new instance of itself if you're keeping to a strict dtd.  Does anyone
> else miss this?

The idea is that, as you slightly hint at, this is presentational issue
(telling the UA how to act/display).  I'm not sure what advisable
replacements there are currently available, however.  Javascript might be
desirable here if you want 'actions' taken upon following a link.

I personally dislike the target attribute when used to open new windows,
and am glad it's gone, especially since, quoting you, it's used to "force"
open a new window (I hate my UA/me being 'forced' to do anything).  I'll
decide when I want a window, thank you very much.  Similarly, I'll make
sure my UA's Javascript is also set to not open new windows (thank you,
Mozilla, for giving me control).

Frank Tobin

Received on Monday, 25 February 2002 15:01:07 UTC