Re: XHTML 2.0 -- A Chance to Improve Document Structure?

Dave Hodder <> wrote:

> On a related note, I presume serving XHTML 1.X documents with the
> "text/html" MIME type is really a transitional situation, and that with
> XHTML 2.0 we should move up to "application/xhtml+xml".

Right.  By no means, XHTML 2.0 documents are supposed to be delivered
to old HTML user agents, so backwards compatibility with old, buggy
HTML implementations is not the issue.  Major target of XHTML 2.0 is
XML browsers.

> Pushing XHTML 2.0 will prove very difficult indeed; developers will
> want to see definite benefits before they abandon what they know.  If
> they can accomplish the same with bad markup, squirting their databases
> through different templates depending on user agent, they will.

A virtue of XHTML 2.0 will be (and should be) better combination with
other XML vocablaries, such as XForms, SVG, MathML and so on.

Masayasu Ishikawa /
W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

Received on Saturday, 31 March 2001 01:39:27 UTC