Re: XHTML 2.0 -- A Chance to Improve Document Structure?

"I would agree with Daniel on this, however, that tables are likely not to
away any time soon, and furthermore I'd argue that they probably shouldn't.
A table structure is an easy construct to make using XSLT, whereas
positioning via CSS can be a real nightmare to handle well in that milleau."

I'm afraid I don't understand xslt at all...
But it is far from impossible to do a decent layout without extensive use of
tables. For those who are interested, a fairly good example of what can be
done with CSS positioning can be seen here:
They use some tables for small things, but the major parts of the page are
done with css positioning. It really works very well, and offers better
opportunities than HTML tables ever could.
Unfortunately, because it is javascripted to be NS4-friendly, the site does
not display properly in Mozilla / NS6. I've done similar pages which render
in IE5.5 and Mozilla without the use of any javascripting at all, although
they aren't anywhere near as well thought-out.

This is off-topic for the html list, I know... but the point is to say that
HTML tables *should* be discouraged, *if* it were a realistic expectation.

I don't know what xslt tables are... however, since it's off-topic for the
html list, if anyone wants to explain it to me, it would probably best to do
so off-list.


Received on Thursday, 29 March 2001 19:54:06 UTC