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On Wednesday, December 27, 2000 at 9:52, (Eric)

> A way to get over this problem, and replace <hr> you could if you like
> have a 1 * 1 pixel color and spread it out to make a horizontal line
> or vertical for that matter.
> However I found with both Opera 5 & 5.01 that a 1 * 1 pixel red or
> blue in JPEG will change to the other color, 2 * 2 pixel's will give
> the correct colors. green stays correct color.
> Another method is to use tables to replace the <hr> if you like it
> that way. You can even put a color band around the line, if that's
> what turns you on.


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This signature at the bottom is pretty funny given the text of your

The idea of using images or tables to replicate the behaviour of the
<hr> tag is pretty viral in itself so I'd have to say that your
anti-virus software can't handle the most common type of virus
encountered on the internet (the memetic virus).

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