Re: The <HR> tag

A way to get over this problem, and replace <hr>
you could if you like have a 1 * 1 pixel color and spread it out to make a horizontal line or vertical for
that matter.

However I found with both Opera 5 & 5.01 that a 1 * 1 pixel red or blue in JPEG will change to the other
color, 2 * 2 pixel's will give the correct colors. green stays correct color.

Another method is to use tables to replace the <hr> if you like it that way.
You can even put a color band around the line, if that's what turns you on.

From Eric

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Subject: The <HR> tag

: In HTML4, the HR tag does not contain any attributes that let you specify the
: color.  However, IE seems to allow you to set a color attribute (IE also lets
: you control the color with style sheets).  Changing the color of an HR seems
: like it would be a very common thing.  I'm just wondering why this hasn't been
: added to the HTML specs?  Is there some better way to create a colored
: horizontal rule that I don't know about?
: More info on the HR tag available here:
: Thanks,
: Peter

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