"Finding" www-html (was: Flash)

On Thu, 14 Dec 2000, Dan Connolly wrote:

> How did you find out about www-html? I suspect there's some
> misleading documentation, and I'd like to get it fixed.

That's a sharp guess, IMHO:)

I think a lot of these people got subscribed "automatically" by some
supposedly "value-added" online help service.  For instance, C|NET is
known to play itself as one by automatically posting their readers'
questions to usenet.  

The trouble is, this kind of bogosity really can't be fixed.  All it
takes is a web-site with some traffic to say "hey, www-html is a great
place to ask your newbie questions! Click here to subscribe!".  And
there's no saying that there aren't thousands of these all over the

It's a fly-swatting problem, and there are too many flies.


Moronization: a form of acculturation where people are encouraged to
anoint themselves with the supposed benefits of a technology without
understanding the engineering (or lack thereof.) 

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