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> "D.N.S.Dharmaratna" wrote:
> what are the html tags used to add flash to pages?
> i'm a newbie on flash.

I'm curious what led you to believe that this was
a good place for your question.

How did you find out about www-html? I suspect
there's some misleading documentation, and I'd
like to get it fixed.

www-html was set up as a forum to discuss technical
development of the HTML language; changes to the
language, questions about what the spec means
in certain cases, or how to implement it, etc.

It's not intended as a "how do I use HTML?" forum,
let alone a "how do I use flash?" forum. Using
it that way puts a burden on folks that are
here to discuss the development of HTML.

Discussion Forums

        Changes to HTML necessitate obtaining a consensus from a broad
        of organizations. If you have a great idea, it will take time to
        others! Here are some of the places where discussion on HTML

             A USENET newsgroup where HTML authoring issues are
             "How To" questions should be addressed here. Note that many
             issues related to forms and CGI, image maps, transparent
gifs, etc.
             are covered in the WWW FAQ. 
             A technical discussion list. If you have a proposal for a
change to
             HTML, you might start a discussion here to see what other
             developers think of it. 

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Fri, 10 Nov 2000 04:47:31 GMT

> are there any other tags except <embed> to use
> with flash?
> how can one create a flash site?
> D.N.S.Dharmaratna

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Thursday, 14 December 2000 13:54:20 UTC