Re: "Finding" www-html (was: Flash)

>From: Gerald Oskoboiny <>
>One way to solve this problem is to put new subscribers on a
>read-only list for the first n weeks or posts, and if they try
>to post something off-topic, politely redirect them elsewhere.

Why stop there, why not have new subscribers sit a test, no wait an 
induction exam, where by their acceptance as a subscriber is determined upon 

But wait, there is a better method. Why not set-up a hierarchy where 
subscribers can only responded or send post based on a ranking system. A 
ranking system can be determined by, competency, industry experience, level 
of knowledge and term of subscription.

Also, a method of politics could be....................

Is it possible that the etiquette/rules is/are not clear?, or delivered in a 
way that not ALL people can understand it/them? Without the benefit of 
statistics (or arduously defending the logic of the following statement), “I 
think this could be the cause”.

Why not revisit the etiquette/rules to make it easier for people to 
interpret/understand them.

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Received on Sunday, 17 December 2000 00:22:05 UTC