Re: html and dreamweaver

> Lastly, of course, who would use soemthing as simple as notepad or wordpad
> when they could be using a powerful "editor" such as X/Emacs :)

xemacs is nice, but its color-coding is so generic as to barely be aware
that you're dealing with an HTML document. I've been using screem a lot
lately - it's a HTML-specific text editor with a bunch of nifty features,
including the whole drag-and-drop site management stuff and toolbars to
format text (you select the text, click the "bold" button, it puts <b> tags
around your text) - also some wizards, support for scp as well as ftp,
thumbnail generators, all sorts of really nice features but with a text
editor to do the actual coding. 

This isn't a slam against xemacs. I love xemacs and will be using it until
screem works out a few more of its bugs.


Received on Monday, 11 December 2000 12:20:07 UTC