Re: Method for A?

   Others keep telling me that HTML 3, in spite of being an advance over
   it's successors, is dead, so I didn't count FIG.

HTML3 is still widely used by editing systems. Or so they claim :-)

   Possibly I misused the terminology, but the rest are not what I'd call
   sources for hyperlinks. They are references to objects related to the
   current document. The user doesn't get a button on the page to go
   fetch those objects. 

There's nothing about a link which says it must be instantiated by a
button. An IMG (and an OBJECT and a few others) are links which get
traversed automatically as the document loads. LINK itself produces
buttons in Mosaic and Lynx.

   But yeah - it'd be nice if authors were allowed to specify that all of
   those were dynamic, and should be fetched only by explicit action by
   the user.

In XML you can.


Received on Friday, 26 September 1997 09:51:49 UTC