Re: Method for A?

> Date: 25 Sep 1997 22:41:12 +0100
> From: Peter Flynn <>
> Mike writes:
>    HTML has a number of ways to specify the source of a hyperlink.  Prior
>    to HTML 4.0, they were the A and FORM elements. Even if there is only
> There is also IMG, LINK, META, ISINDEX, BASE, and FIG in HTML3,
> and BGSOUND, APPLET, OBJECT, and EMBED in other clothing.

Others keep telling me that HTML 3, in spite of being an advance over
it's successors, is dead, so I didn't count FIG.

Possibly I misused the terminology, but the rest are not what I'd call
sources for hyperlinks. They are references to objects related to the
current document. The user doesn't get a button on the page to go
fetch those objects. 

Of course, IMG gets regularly abused to GET a hit counter. That
doesn't change the correctness of the data on the server, though -
it's wrong either way.  I do wonder how POST would change that, though
I suspect the answer is "not enough to matter". 

But yeah - it'd be nice if authors were allowed to specify that all of
those were dynamic, and should be fetched only by explicit action by
the user.

I specifically chose *not* to propose alterations to the 4.0 DTD to
deal with this, as some of them have multiple attributes that take


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