I see a potential problem with the new SCRIPT definition.

'language' has been deprecated in favor of 'type'.   However, my 
understanding of type is that it does not contain version info.

ie - it is always 'text/javascript' and not 'text/javascript1.1' or

This version info is vital to scripting and backwards compatibility.

It is possible to write a very feature rich script in JavaScipt1.2,
a functional but less feature rich script in JavaScript1.1, and say
some dummy routines to prevent errors in JavaScript1.0.

In fact, Netscape themselves encourage this.  Functions all occupy the
same namespace, so you put oldest version first.  And since the UA only
loads scripts when it can support the version, the newer versions of
the functions will replace older version where support is available.

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript1.0">
old script
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript1.1">
newer script
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript1.2">
newest script

Am I mistaken about type's inability to carry version info?

If I'm not, then I would say we either should not deprecate 'language' or
we need a new 'version' attribute to suppliment 'type'.

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Received on Monday, 22 September 1997 06:44:15 UTC