Re: Foreign Words and Phrases

The following prompts me to comment..

> > <I lang="it">Lega Nord<I>
> Yes, clearly deprecated.

... it is a convention to display scientific names of organisms in
Italic. Until styles are fully supported I have been considering
something like following

	<i class=species>Achillea millefolium</i>

which would give correct result on non-style browser. Using <em> would
not be correct here, as I specifically want "italic", and not any

Thus, sometimes <i> and <b> are better suited for the applications
than the logical <strong> and <em>.

Can 'class' imply attributes? Might be nice if 'species' could imply
lang=latin so that I wouldn't need to repeat that for each element?
(e.g. language inherited from the class too?). Is this "a can of
worms", to extend styles so that class could be used to add element

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Received on Monday, 22 September 1997 06:34:03 UTC