Re: "Umlaut" in Button and ALT

At 3:59a -0500 09/06/97, Jordan Reiter wrote:
 > At 2:17 AM -0500 1997-06-09, Wayne Campbell wrote:
 > >It's neither. I use a Mac all of the time, and I can tell you that what
 > >your customer sees is based entirely on which font he/she is using to view
 > >the page. I use Geneva 10 as my default proportionate font, and a font
 > >called TTYFont as my default monospaced font in Netscape and in IE 3.01.
 > >
 > >These two fonts display _most_ of the entity characters in the
 > >HTMLcharacter codes, but not all. I haven't found one that displays all of
 > >them correctly. And  _most_ of the fonts I have don't display but a few of
 > >them correctly.
 > ProFont WWW and Courier Web (both monospaced); and Times OE (old english)
 > support all web characters, although they do not correctly map for
 > Mac-based applicaations (ie, word processing).

What I don't understand is, how would the browser know what 'encoding vector'
to use, when ProFont WWW uses a nonstandard one? I mean, it's not a Mac-U.S.
charset, and it's not a cp1252 charset either...

 > The only problem that Mac fonts should have is with the Icelandic glyphs.
 > I don't know of *any* font (except for display fonts, which don't generally
 > display all characters anyway) that doesn't display these characters.

I looked in my font-editing program, and it shows the Icelandic glyphs as
assigned to positions below #32. ProFont doesn't put 'em there, though. :/
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