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At 9:14a -0800 05/31/96, Charles Peyton Taylor wrote:
>>>> Walter Ian Kaye <> 05/31/96 06:45am >>>
>>"whole" character position. With a monospace font, the
>>relationship between characters and pixels is a very short
>>arithmetic formula, so laying this out is child's play for the
>In which monospace font?  Courier, Courier New, Corporate
>Mono, what?  How do you know what font is being used by
>the viewer?

I don't need to know. The *browser* figures it out!
All I need to care about is that with a *typical* font size
the maximum width won't exceed 472 pixels, or not by much.
(Forcing wider pages is evil. Hey Microsoft...)

>Even if you are using <font> tags, how do you
>know that the reader is using a UA that will recognize that

I don't use <font face=xxx>, I'm talking about <pre>, which uses
whatever the user has designated as a monospace font. As long as
the user chose a true monospace font, all is peachy. (Note that
Apple's Monaco and Courier fonts are not very monospaced!)

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