Re: <p align=indent>

Once upon a time Marc Girod shaped the electrons to say...
>I have been using so far "indent" as value to the "align" attribute in
>paragraph elements (and other), e.g.:
><p align=indent>
>I cannot find it in the HTML 3.2 feature list. Is it illegal (as my
>weblint-1.015 syntax checker reports)?

Yes it is illegal.  Where did it even come from, that wasn't even one of
the HTML 3.0 proposals.  It is also a bad idea - what if I want to center
something by have the first line indented?  Or justify something (when 
justify is added) and indent the first line?

We talked about this here before, some felt it was a browser implementation
issue.  But most agreed that some control by the author is appropriate, it
may be that Style Sheets will be it.  But I would personally like to see 
something like <P align=center tab> or <P align=center indent> where the
tab or indent keyword means to start the first line indented some distance
in from the normal start of the line.

>If it is illegal, what is the suggested way around?

There is no way in HTML today to indent a paragraph reliably.  Some people
make one color gifs and put them at the start of the paragraph to force
the text over.

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