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>>>> Walter Ian Kaye <> 05/28/96 09:32pm >>>
>>This reminds me... sometime last year, there was talk about
>>W3C-branding, where there would be some kind of logo -- sort of
>>like Adobe's true
>>PostScript logo (the page curling up from a computer screen) or
>>Underwriter's Laboratories' (UL) logo. Seems to me that customer
>>demand could be created for such an accreditation, and perhaps
>>"the Wilbur concession" could be used as a steppingstone towards
>>Dan, did anything ever come of the logo talk?

A few things:

* we have a logo (or at least the address of a logo)

Please don't make copies: just link to it, in case we
want to change it. Let's give caching a chance, shall we?

* We'll be running our own validation service RSN. I hope
to compliment the other services out there. This one will
not be end-user focused, so much as developer focused:
it will allow folks to submit test cases, etc.

* Conformance testing is still in the "gathering resources"
phase. Stay tuned to:


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