Re: Proposal: New Anchor attributes

> 	<resource href="">
> 		<meta name="content-length" content="1235234">
> 		<meta name="content-md5" content="23l4kj23l4kj23">
> 		<link rel=replica href="">
> 		<link rel=replica href="">
> 		<link rel=replica href="">
> 	</resource>
> So a <resource>-savvy browser, when requested to follow the link
> to would have enough information
> to try the replicas automatically, if didn't seem
> to be responding.
> The algorithm for seleting a replica -- and for fail-over -- needn't
> be the same for all browsers. It should be network-friendly (i.e.
> don't always start all TCP connections at once). Something like:

This idea solves a lot of problems.  Now if there were some way to
decide which mirror is "closer" networking wise.

Note that if I were writing a browser to handle the above resource,
I would fire off all 3 mirror connections at once and see which one
is best after a few seconds, then drop the rest.  Perhaps I would
only do this for my personal use though.  :)  It's something to keep
in mind anyway.


Received on Wednesday, 29 May 1996 06:56:28 UTC