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At 9:36a -0800 05/28/96, Charles Peyton Taylor wrote:
>>>> Carl Johan Berglund <> 05/27/96 11:24pm >>>
>>Boleslaw Mynarski wrote:
>>> Please don't take it the wrong way but I'm curious...   > Why
>>bother with HTML drafts when ultimately it will be
>>> the browser developers who decide what tags to use or not to?
>> > Is there any browser out there that actually
>>> supports fully ANY HTML draft?
>>That questions could be rewritten as "Why bother making
>>standards, when everybody can choose not to use them,  anyway?"
>You know, I've thought about this, and I think that
>the best way of standardizing web browsers is to publish
>a list of those that are up to standard, and possibly
>noting those that are not.

This reminds me... sometime last year, there was talk about W3C-branding,
where there would be some kind of logo -- sort of like Adobe's true
PostScript logo (the page curling up from a computer screen) or
Underwriter's Laboratories' (UL) logo. Seems to me that customer demand
could be created for such an accreditation, and perhaps "the Wilbur
concession" could be used as a steppingstone towards that...

Dan, did anything ever come of the logo talk?

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