Re: Proposal: New Anchor attributes

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>On Thu, 23 May 96 17:57:47 PST, Ron Schnell <> wrote:
>> 1.  ALT=[URL]
>> This attribute would specify an alternate URL should the HREF be
>> unavailable.
>It is quite trivial to put in multiple A records for one hostname.
>Suppose the following is in the DNS:
>   IN A
>              IN A    254,40.50.60
>Then any telnet or ftp client will first try and when it fails
>will try the second, third, etc. address.
>I just don't know why no web browser has implemented that as of yet. Are
>any of the browser vendors listening? Why is it that web browsers only
>try the first address and then give up?

Any web browsers derived from the W3C reference library do
The Right Thing here.

Henrik is going to write a short draft on the topic.

For some background on this and related issues, see:


p.s. more on ALT URLs in another message...

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