Re: Font-style vs. phrase elements

On 5/27/96 at 7:14 PM , Matthew James Marnell wrote:
>Sorry, I'm catching up here.
>:>A properly designed search or index tool should skip over <FONT> tags
>:>just as it now skips over <B> or <EM> tags.
>Whoa.  A properly designed search of index tool should not skip over
><EM> or <STRONG> but should skip over <B> or <I>, no?  I thought
>that was the whole point of <EM> and <STRONG>, to be content markup
>regardless of outward presentation.  If the current wisdom about
>a properly designed search or index tool is to ignore <EM> and <STRONG>
>then someone has missed the boat, me or whoever defines properly
>designed search and index tools.

It should skip over *all* of them!   All of them are just "noise"
when what you are indexing is words of text.  No matter which of the
following you encounter, you want to index the word "noninvasive":

   <font face="+1">non</font>invasive

Ron Newman   

Received on Monday, 27 May 1996 22:06:01 UTC