Re: Move the "neurons" talk, please

In message <>, "Lee Daniel Crocker" writes
Lee Daniel Crocker writes:
>Can we take all the brainstorming and speculation about
>this neural net stuff elsewhere?  HTML may well be an
>interesting way to implement what you want to do, but
>the idea isn't nearly that well formed yet.

In case folks are wondering, I don't share this sentiment.

As long as an idea is novel and the participants are
civil, I don't care how half-baked an idea is when
it's discussed on this list.

I'll take this over "where do I find a 1-pixel gif?"
any day.


p.s. I wouldn't mind seeing the discussion moved to www-talk, because
I agree with the folks who think this idea deserves its own data

By the way: how come everything is discussed on www-html? It
seems like www-html is 10x more well-known. I wonder why that is?

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