Microsoft Advertises Incompatibility

It's bad enough that browser makers and W3 can't agree on how
to punctuate an English sentence correctly, but I just found, in
which Microsoft proudly displays how to use — and other
illegal characters in MSIE to get real quotes and dashes.

This isn't rocket science people; let's get it right.  There
is no excuse for standard HTML not to loudly deprecate non-
Unicode characters, and especially no excuse for Microsoft
to violate Unicode in an app that runs on their OS supporting
Unicode just fine.  If I run Microsoft Unipad, I get correct
punctuation with no problem.  Let's fix it, and get rid of
that stupid page to undo whatever damage has already been done.

BTW, I reported this bug in MSIE weeks ago, so they can't
claim ignorance either.  They're just plainly choosing to
ignore a standard they and many others have worked hard for.
And don't tell me remapping 16 characters is too much work
to implement.

Lee Daniel Crocker (formerly

Received on Saturday, 25 May 1996 01:14:22 UTC