Re: Proposal: New Anchor attributes

Ron Schnell wrote:

> I would like to propose two new attributes for the Anchor element.
> They are:
> 1.  ALT=[URL]
> This attribute would specify an alternate URL should the HREF be
> unavailable.

Though I believe the idea as a whole is a good one, I don't know whether I
would confuse HTML authors by offering another definition for ALT. It may be
less confusing to use something such as HREFALT (you notice that I state that
as though a typing *longer* tag name is more desireable than typing a shorter
one... ;-) ).

> 2.  TIMEOUT=[seconds]
> This attribute would specify an amount of time, after which a
> browser should give up on the HREF.

However, most (all?) browsers are going to give up after a certain amount of
time anyhow. What happens when this TIMEOUT value is greater than that of the
browsers internal timeout value? .. (understanding that the HTML author
should be wise enough to make it shorter than that of most browsers...)

> Neither of these would require the other, but each would be more
> useful with the other.
> These two attributes would add some redundancy to web pages
> (locations) that desire to have it.  In these times of "high
> availability" being such an "important issue", I think that this
> would be strongly embraced by government and commercial entities.

This would not only provide for the case where a server is down but also
where the server may be too busy to allow your connection...

> #Ron
> Ron Schnell

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