Re: HTML 3.2: SGML Document Access (SDA)

In message <v0211010aadc7e827deaf@[]>, Murray Altheim writes:
>"Harold A. Driscoll" <> writes:
>>I note that the HTML 3.2 DTD (Draft: Tuesday 15-May-96) does not include the
>>SGML Document Access (SDA) Parameter Entities [1] which were provided in the
>>HTML 2.0 DTD [RFC 1866]. Was this because:
>>  (1) it is a draft document, and they have not been completed; or

That's the closest of your three options...

In fact, it's just like Murray says...

>... the omission of SDA attributes
>from HTML 3.2 was not because support for the "disabled/handicapped" was
>not important, rather that there are better methods of providing this
>support. Transformation from one SGML application to another can be
>provided by transformation DTDs or through use of an SGML Link Process
>Definition (LPD). There is a preliminary version of an HTML to ICADD LPD
>written as part of a working draft of the modular HTML DTD at

Murray and I discussed this a bit during dicussions about modular
HTML DTD stuff, and he was generous enough with his time to actually
draft an LPD and test it out.

>If any members of ICADD wish to participate in this effort, please get in
>touch with me and perhaps we can create up some type of working draft for
>submission to the authors of the W3C draft.

Please do. In fact, it seems to me that this could be a spec all
by itself, and whoever submits it can claim authorship. I'll be
sure the HTML ERB reviews it, but unless otherwise requested,
I'll leave the authorship with the authors.

To write a W3C tech report, just use any of the drafts
in as a template.

A reasonably short one to start with is:

Send it to, or to this mailing list.


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