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On Tue, 21 May 1996, Warren Steel wrote:
> But the truly harmful
> effects of <FONT> are reserved for the browsers that *do*
> recognize it.  The concept was flawed from the start, its
> implementation is broken in current browsers, and it will
> be obsolete in a few months.  Instead of "enshrining" it
> in a specification, it should be rejected or deprecated in
> the strongest terms.  It is time for the members of the W3C
> to cut their losses and minimize their embarrassment over
> this unrealistic and unsuccessful addition to HTML, which
> results in such a loss in communication over the Web!

Well put! I couldn't agree more.

Even if <FONT> must stay in HTML 3.2 on the grounds that HTML 3.2 is 
describing current practice, can we at least have two levels of HTML 3.2, 
one without <FONT>.

And, can we *please* *please* *please* add a 'type' attribute to <div> a la 
TEI? This won't break anything but will do absolute wonders for those of 
us who still believe in structured documents.

James K. Tauber /
University CWIS Coordination Officer
The University of Western Australia

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