Re: Tables

>>I know, actually what I want is not a table, it is something like a profile
>>in the form:
>>Name          : xyz
>>Age           : 201
>>City          : aabbcc
>>etc. Previously I did it with <PRE></PRE>, but I don't like the fixed
>>font and thus tried out <TABLE></TABLE> with CELLPADDING, CELLSPACING and
>>BORDER set to 0, but this resulted in 'sticky' columns ie, the result for
>>the above table would be:
>>Age 201

> ***Neat tricks removes***

I don't really need the ';' as a separtor, I just don't want my tables to
stick together.
Your solultion is managable for a couple of files, but I have almost over
*500* html files with the table mentioned above.


Received on Monday, 20 May 1996 11:58:29 UTC