Re: Descending Ordered Lists

At 5:52p 05/16/96, Aron S. Spencer wrote:
>   Are there any standards for descending Ordered Lists? It seems like
>countdowns would be very useful, yet I haven't seen anything about how to
>do it, nor any discussion of the subject.

I had once (back in November) suggested the following:

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I currently use a hack via Netscape in order to get an ordered list in
*descending* order. Here's what I have to do for a Top Ten list:

   <LI value=10>tenth item
   <LI value=9>ninth item
   <LI value=8>eighth item
   <LI value=1>first item

Would be much cleaner if it were as follows:

<OL ORDER=descend>
   <LI>tenth item
   <LI>ninth item
   <LI>eighth item
   <LI>first item

HTML 3.0 draft already has SEQNUM; this would round things out.

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